Academic Year In Review {End of Year Portfolio}

At end of the school year, September seems like literally ages ago. It’s important to reflect back on the school year and acknowledge the successes you and your students have had since those very first busy September days. In a job that is (unfortunately) very, very often thankless, I am all about giving myself a pat on the back. Heck – if nobody else is going to – why not congratulate yourself for a job well done? Our End of the Year Portfolios make me giddy with excitement and overwhelming with pride at my students’ accomplishments. I love getting it all on paper and seeing how much we’ve gotten done in one year.

On our main Academic Update page, we list every fluency flashcard set each student has mastered and each concept they worked in reading centers throughout the year. I also include their growth on their Guided Reading Level.




I create a master list for each reading group with all the subjects we’ve covered.


And then I store all of their awesome work samples from the year.


And we top it all off with a super cute cover to send home. It’s such an exciting packet to send home to parents and really highlights all the amazing work each student has gotten done over the year!

Download these pages for FREE here: academic year in review.


  1. This looks totally awesome! I think your kids and you did a wonderful job this school year! Can’t wait to start my son’s first schoolyear with you! I mailed you 😉

  2. Have your written about your reading centers or guided reading levels?

  3. Thanks, Desiree! I’m emailing you back this weekend 🙂

  4. I saw this and i think it is just amazing that you do this for your students and for the parents!! they are a fortunate group of students to have you as their teacher… how would i go about getting this or the template you use etc… to suggest to my kids teacher something like this…. thanks.

  5. Thanks, LaTanya! You can download these templates from this post. Share my website with your child’s teacher! 🙂


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