My love of sorts may not so apparent as my obsession with adapted books and fluency but it doesn’t mean it’s not as strong. My claim to fame with sorts can be summarized into one hashtag – #velcrofree. Yep, that’s right. Sorts use no velcro. So if you are low on the funds or conserving your last wheel of sticky back coins – these are the tasks for you.

Sorts are great for independent work. I love to have a stash of these near a direct instruction center or small group  instruction area. When a teacher is working with one student, she can have other students work on these sorts and check them at the end. The skill of categorizing is SO important and there is so much you can categorizing. From math fact answers to big/small you can easily make this as easy or as difficult as you want.

For more advanced learners or writers, I love to use these as completely independent activities in a center. After students complete the sort, they copy down the answers to be checked later. It builds in some awesome writing practice, teaches kids to check their work, and leaves a permanent product for us to check!

For basic skills, you can work on sorting coins, letters, numbers, finishing common communicative phrases, big/little, and so much more!

Here are some more of my favs!

These can all be found here:

Happy sorting!

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