Academic Fluency Instruction

I have shared my video tutorial of Running Fluency Programs. Yes, I’m hear to talk about fluency again. I love it. There are so many ways to use fluency instruction – it is literally crazy. Yes, crazy. I have been really upping the game for some of my higher functioning students’ fluency instruction. We have added in parts of speech fluency, personal information fluency, and vocabulary fluency. We have really shifted this center to focus on the needs of my higher functioning students and use this powerful teaching method to train academic skills. These activities fit some Autism Helper must haves: easy to set up, quick to run, effective, and data driven!

You want to know everything and anything you can use fluency instruction for? Check out my fluency program guide:

The Autism Helper - Fluency Instruction

I plan on doing a bunch more video tutorials about fluency because most of these programs are better to see than read about. So be on the lookout! I also have a Fluency Mega Pack with everything you need to run basic fluency programs. Check out my video tutorial of how to run Advanced Fluency Programs (personal information, parts of speech, and vocabulary):


  1. Sasha thanks for the pritty post you have shared. You have used the step by step method very tactfully to educate fluency to the autistic child. Great going.

  2. I had my aides make all these flashcards on Friday, Can’t wait to start these this week!!

  3. Awesome! Let me know how they go!


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