ABLLS: Sections U-Z

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ABLLS sections U-Z are sections that can be completed very easily through observations and/or asking caretakers. These sections are focused on life skills and are essentially important to focus on. These are areas that some of your students may really struggle with and need to some extra instruction or focus on. I have included some tips that we used below!

U: Dressing Skills

This section of the ABLLS looks at our learner’s dressing skills.  A lot of this information can be gathered through observations or asking a caretaker.

Tip: observe while students are coming into the classroom from outside and/or leaving for the day! Can they zip/unzip their backpacks? What about their jackets? 🙂

V: Eating Skills

In this section, eating skills are tested. We tested eating skills by observing in the lunchroom.


W: Grooming Skills

Grooming skills can be tested asking the learner to complete the listed tasks or by asking a caretaker.

X: Toileting Skills

The toileting section is a little bit more difficult to test via observation. We asked our learners’ caretakers and teachers for most of this information.



Y: Gross Motor Skills

Recess, recess, recess! Great time to observe these skills in the gym or the playground outside!


Z: Fine Motor

Fine motor skills can be tested by having the learner perform the activities or even observing during class time!




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