ABLLS: Sections K-P

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ABLLS Sections K-P encompass play and leisure, social interaction, group instruction, classroom routines, generalized responding. These sections do not require a lot of testing. Unless you’re completely unsure, or have never interacted with the kiddo, you can fill most of this in by observing or interviewing parents/teachers. An example of this is K1: Explores toys in the environment. You can observe this by watching them in their break area.


Another good place to observe for these tasks is the gym, playground, and various group activities. When our classroom did their thanksgiving wall in the hallway, I was able to answer a lot of the tasks for social interaction.


Task K15 evaluates playing board games with peers. If you have any of these games that you typically use in your classroom, it would be a great way to evaluate that task AND have a fun activity for the day! L6 asks if your student physically approaches and engages with others. This was very easy to evaluate during gym time. One student, who does not often do this in the classroom, may approach others much more frequently in a gym or playground setting.


Sections M and N (group instruction and follow classroom routines) can be easily observed during transitions (going to lunch, bathroom, gym, etc.) or group times. For Section M, I observed during Morning Group to fill out this section.



All in all, don’t get worried about testing all of these on your guys. If you talk to parents and teachers and observe during recess, gym, class time, etc. you should be able to fill these out easily on your own!



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