ABLLS: Sections E-I

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The Vocal Imitation section (E) involves testing a student’s ability to imitate a vocal model.  For this section, no materials are needed, which helps to get through this section quickly and efficiently!  For Section F, Requests, we found that observing the student in the classroom was the best way to gather the information we needed.  Another good way to gather this information is to turn to caretakers, classroom aides, or teachers that work closely with the student.  Interviews with these individuals can tell us a lot of information about our students that we can’t easily gather.

Section G, Labeling, we used a lot of the same materials (from our handy laundry basket) that were used in previous sections (specifically, Section C).  What we found helpful to do prior to running through this section was to go through the task list and find the corresponding materials that were used in Section C.  Once the corresponding material is found, label the item in a different colored post-it note, as pictured.



Section H, Intraverbals, and Section I, Spontaneous Vocalizations, do not require many materials.  Several of these questions can be answered through observations or asking teachers or caretakers as we did in Section F.

These sections should not take long at all! Remember, it is very useful to include a running list of tasks that your student cannot perform that you think may be good targets to work on after the assessment is completed.



  1. How often do you assess the students using ablls? once a month? once a semester/trimester or annually? Do you assess all the sections once or do you vary the assessment depending on which section you are working on? Thanks!

  2. About yearly and I reassess all sections. After the assessment we create a curricular map for the year incorporating all relevant goals and tasks. (post on this coming soon!)

  3. Can’t wait to read about it. Always appreciate you responding to comments! Thank you 🙂


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