ABLLS: Sections C & D

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As we made our way through sections C & D, we continued to use our handy dandy laundry basket, as well as post-it labels that made finding the tools we needed for each task much easier. In addition, we also found ourselves utilizing some additional neat tricks that helped us get through the sections quickly, without disrupting each kiddos daily routine … too much 😉 With our clip board in hand, each of us had a copy of the sections for ourselves. This way we could jot down notes directly beside each section and, when we were running them, we knew exactly what we were going to say; without having to take a moment to flip to appendices or read through the examples.

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Since section D was mainly imitation, including some gross motor, we didn’t need a lot of stationery to get it done. On the other hand, having the student complete some tasks (including tasks C26-30) inside the classroom during table time was a bit distracting to others. As such, we utilized the free spiritedness of RECESS! Here we had the kids going to other kids or staff members on the playground, doing actions, as well as giving to/collecting items from others. This was fun!

Some other neat additives included the use of a sounds app on an I-Phone called Sound Explorer (or Sound Board on androids) for task C45. Here, we had picture cards (three pictures on each card) which we presented to the student while we played the respective sound associated with one of the pics and asked “What do you hear?” This app came in very handy!


We also had some pretty awesome toys to use for C24 which required that the kids identify objects based on adjectives. I particularly liked that we had small versus big trees, apples, buttons, even dice! All 3-dimentional objects that the kids could manipulate and observe with respect to size, color, and shape.


One additional thing I believe could have served as a helper is the use of the infamous clicker! This I picked up from our awesome autism helper Sasha! For those sections where we had to instruct the student to touch varying body parts or do a number of gross motor imitation while we counted in our heads how may they did correctly… whew! … using the clicker to count for us would’ve been super helpful. Here, we would click whenever the student responded correctly and, after a series of motions, just check the clicker for the total corrects!


Here are a few snap shots of some of the materials we used for these sections! All the best with your ABLLS. ☺


image015 image018 image022 image023



  1. Awesome post- love the visuals! I think we have all of these items in my classroom (I inherited tons of amazing resources, thankfully!) already! I just need to do some practice runs through the assessment! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could help me locate photos for all the C24 list of words. Does one exist or do I have to go and find on GOOGLE a photo for all the words. then print and laminate them all?

    Thank you


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