ABLLS: Sections A and B

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The first two sections of the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills focus on cooperation and visual performance. This sections needed a good amount of materials, which means a lot of organization! While we’re still getting the organization system down, we have found something that works pretty efficiently.

Everything is put into our ABLLS container (formerly a laundry basket) so we can easily move it around from location to location. Sometimes, space in the classroom is limited and you have to shuffle around quickly. Having everything you need in one location makes it very efficient!


Because we had three different people running ABLLS, we had each person place their ABLLS and note sheets for each of their students on their own clipboard. We also photocopied each section so it was easily available to everyone. All of this was kept in our container so we knew where everything was. An awesome tip is to make sure you keep the marker/colored pencil you on the clipboard (or at least in the container)! I cannot tell you how many times I had to hunt for a specific color marker.


The next most important thing was to divide everything into baggies, folders, boxes, etc. and label them according to the ABLLS task. This was especially helpful when many ABLLS tasks utilized the same materials. Look at the Ziploc below. Those materials were used for 4 different tasks.



When laminated folders were the materials for certain tasks, one really big time saver was having the matching components velcroed to the front of the folder. All the little laminated matching cards were placed in a baggie that was velcroed to the front. This prevented little cards from getting mixed up with other task cards.

Two of the ABLLS tasks in section B need the kids to complete a maze. We made it reusable by sticking the maze sheets in a clear cover. This way, the kids draw with an expo marker. It made it very easy to clean and reuse!



The most important thing for this whole process is to stick to an organization strategy that works for you! We hope these tips helped you get organized and ready for the ABLLS, or any other assessments you might be running!



  1. Do you use ABLLS to determine ABA and/or IEP goals?

  2. This is definitely one of those things where all the work is done “up front ” BUT so worth it! Our district has about 3 ABLLS kits (they literally look like a body bag!) that we can check out. I think the ABLLS is something that goes by the wayside because of the organization needed to get all of the pieces in place. I have gone away from standardized tests at reevaluation time – I’m tired of assessing deficits and I know my parents appreciate hearing what their child CAN do. I’m done with those <1 percentile reports – I may have to create my own ABLLS kit – I don't want to give mine up (maybe the district will forget that I still have it – Ha!!). Thanks Sasha!

  3. Yep! A post is coming on that soon – how to use ABLLS results to create curricular maps & IEP goals.

  4. Agreed, Jane! Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Hi I am a long term substitute teacher and I am handling primary autism, I am new, can you give me more details regarding ABLLS. Is there a book or you have a product that I can use and follow. Thank you in advance

  6. Hi! I’m very new to ABA and was wondering what is the best resource to learn how to administer and score the ABLLS-R. Also, is there a list of toys and materials you have to purchase to administer the test? If you could share I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  7. My supervisor will not let me use this virtually, but other teachers are able to use them with no problem. What should I do?

  8. I would talk to your supervisor about other options!


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