I bet you didn’t know it but we are in that perfect time of year for assessments. You probably don’t celebrate assessment season with the same gusto as Christmas or Halloween but it’s worth celebrating nonetheless. It’s assessment season because you have settled into your routines, your schedules are somewhat down, you and your staff are starting to work together – basically you are starting to get your groove. But honeymoon season is about to be over. That start of the year focus on schedules and behavior management is wearing off and you are starting to think – “What the heck are my kids going to work on all year?” Assessment time baby!

The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS) is perfect for your foundational and entry level learners. The ABLLS assesses basic skills in a wide range of skills, gives ideas on what concepts to focus on next, and is hugely thorough! I have done loads of posts about the ABLLS – learn more here!

The only bummer about the ABLLS is that it requires a lot of stuff to accomplish the assessment. Some ABLLS Kits can cost upwards of $1000. No thank you. I have a much more economical and space efficient option. My ABLLS Resource Kit provides the flashcard and interactive tasks for the assessment. It also gives you a system for organizing all of the resources which is really half the battle in completing this assessment!


The system for organization is my favorite component of this resource! Everything is labeled, everything is color-coded, everything is easy to find! All directions for setup are included!



The tasks are interactive and visual!



This video tour shows LOADS of info about this resource and gives lots of examples!


Whether you are brand new to the ABLLS or a veteran ABLLS user – this resource will help you assess your students skills and guide your instruction. If you are having that – “What the heck do I do with this child?” moment – use the ABLLS! It will give you amazing ideas on what skills to work on and provide that ever-important skill sequence!

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