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A lot of worksheet sets seem to include an ABC order page. You know – those cutesy thematic worksheets that you think will be great for homework or downtime. I realized recently that my students and I basically brush over the ABC order sheet or provide them with… let’s just say more than their fair share of prompting.

I’m not sure why I never focused on alphabetizing more concretely. It’s one of those perfect skills that targets academics and life skills at the same time. Love when that happens. Think of how many jobs involve alphabetizing – tons! We have some alphabetizing work tasks. We work on alphabetizing in filing work tasks like these:

autism ABC order tasks

But this skill didn’t seem to be generalizing too well. These filing tasks are great but are more matching letter than independently putting words in order. That’s where my kids were really struggling. They were really depending on that prompt. So for St. Patty’s Day we did some ABC order activities that went really well. So I think we are going to do this on weekly basis to really target this skill!

I got this freebie for St. Patty’s day from Lori Rosenberg which was pictures to put in order. My kids didn’t really need the pictures so I think I am going to continue this activity by just writing words on flashcards. I drew a “alphabet line” like a number line on the side. We decided N was a good “middle letter.” First students would decided on which side of N the letter belonged.

autism - alphabetizing help

Then they went through each word (in that section) and I prompt “before or after” – the visual really seemed to help.

autism - alphabetizing help


One of those sneaky skills that catches up on you, right?!

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