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Sensory Behaviors {Response Blocking}

Some sensory behaviors can be extremely dangerous. Anything that involves the head can cause serious brain damage and needs to be addressed immediately. These behaviors are of highest priority. If your student or child is seeing a psychiatrist for medication, ask the...

Sensory Behaviors {Reinforce Intervals without Behavior}

An intervention to reduce both disruptive and dangerous sensory behaviors is providing high magnitude reinforcement for time intervals WITHOUT the behavior. This intervention can be done with any type of behavior really – attention, escape, etc. The key is to...

Sensory Behaviors {Sensory as Reinforcer}

Some sensory behaviors can actually work to your benefit. Hold the phone. Craytown I know. But let me clarify. These behaviors are obviously extremely reinforcing for your student because they do it all the freaken time. If the behavior is not dangerous, so for...

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