7 Reasons to Join TAH Professional Development Membership

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Let’s talk about The Autism Helper’s Professional Development Membership and why you should join!

To get started, I must say that the Professional Development Membership has made me the teacher I am today and continues to help me be successful.  This job is not easy, if you know, you know! 


When I first became a teacher, I was in the mindset that I needed to make all the things I needed myself.  It was hard to spend money because I was not making much.  But I was also burning out – and fast.  Early in my teaching career, a friend told me about The Autism Helper.  I started following her on Instagram and learning from her blogs.  Next, I started hearing about the Professional Development Membership.  I waited a while before deciding I should join.  Joining took my classroom to the next level in terms of success. 

That being said, here are my top seven reasons to join The Autism Helper’s Professional Development Membership:

Reason 1: The Training Videos

Sasha has taken so much time to create these amazing training videos that teach me so many ways to implement evidence-based practices in my classroom.  Each month has new videos that are dedicated to classroom setup, curriculum/instruction, and staff training. Not only can I learn from these videos, but as the lead teacher on my special education team, I can help my team learn and grow, too.

Reason 2: The Resources

Remember when I talked about wanting to make all of the things when I was a new teacher?  Well, that faded quickly.  I simply learned that teachers just don’t have time to make it all.  Now, I prefer to use things that have already been created, used, and proven successful with students – even if I need to spend money.  It is just worth saving my sanity and my time. 

Anytime I need something, I simply search in the Professional Development Membership for the resource and it’s there for me to download!  Additionally, each month has new resources with training on how to use them in the classroom.  So beneficial!

Reason 3:  Staff Training

As a special education teacher, I have paraprofessionals in my classroom.  I need to train my paraprofessionals to work with my students so we can all be on the same page.  The paraprofessionals also need to know the why behind what I am doing.  This is not an easy task, though.  However, with the Professional Development Membership, I am given the staff training tools I need to be successful with my paraprofessionals because I can access more training videos and resources such as The Paraprofessional Training Manual.  Not sure how to collaborate with your team?  Take the time to watch the videos that Sasha has created.  You won’t regret it!

Reason 4: Access to Courses

A major benefit to being a member of the Professional Development Membership is access to all of the specialized content courses that are introduced.  I have had full access to The Executive Functions Masterclass, The Behavior Change Course, The Data-Driven Classroom, and The Runway to Reading. Plus, I get all of the toolkits that come with these courses as well!  Even though I have been a member for years, there is always something for me to learn.

Reason 5: Sasha’s Knowledge, Ideas, and Input

Sasha Long is The Autism Helper.  She is a BCBA with years of experience as a special education teacher as well.  As a member of the Professional Development Membership, I get to join monthly zoom meetings with Sasha to ask any questions I have.  She has helped me in so many ways.

Reason 6: The Community

The professional development membership includes this exclusive community shown in this photo.
The community that is included in the professional development membership.
Professional Development Membership members get exclusive access to an exclusive community of educators, parents, and clinicians all in one cool app (or website)!  In this app, I can ask questions that get answered by Sasha, her team, and others who are part of the membership.  I can also chat with other teachers like me as well as brainstorm ideas with members of The Autism Helper.

Reason 7: The Validation

Finally, as a new special education teacher, I was doing things I thought were right for my students but never knew if they actually were right.  Once I joined the Professional Development Membership, I finally had the validation that I needed – I was doing things right!  Since joining the PDM, I have the validation that I am on the right track to running a successful classroom and team.  While each school year is different, I can successfully setup and implement what I know on day one – which has made me a confident educator. 
Thanks for reading about the Professional Development Membership!  To join the waitlist, click this link.  

If you have questions or comments, drop them below and I will make sure to get back to you.

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