Must-Have Behavior Visuals for Back to School

Incentive Systems

From token economies to I am Working for Boards visuals will help clarify – that yes, I will give you that gummy bear when you finish this pile of work. Our kids need that reassurance and they need the visuals to help illustrate that contingency. Visuals are concrete and give an alternative way to process all of those verbal directives we are constantly giving.

Replacement Behaviors

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go straight to teaching replacement behaviors. Your behavior plans will NEVER work with out them. They don’t necessarily need to be visual but visuals are usually helpful for our kids with limited language so these may help. Learn more about replacement behaviors here and grab these ones below in the Behavior Plan Flow Chart Set. 

Show Rules & Routines

A new Swedish-only-speaking principal decides to set up a whole new set up school rules for the staff. If you break the rules, you get fired and if you follow the rules you get a raise and free donuts. Now I ask you, are you comfortable with only hearing those new rules verbally? Or would an English version written version be just a bit helpful? Or even just a picture of dos and don’ts. Yep – if free donuts are on the line, I’m needing that photo version too! Use visuals to show the rules!

Visuals for Specials

Specials classes can be hard for our kids. The transition, the unfamiliar environment, the new adult, and most of all the lack of visual support. We load up on visuals within our classrooms and then for some reason think our kids can magically go without during 45 minutes of a new activity. Duh! Learn more about visuals for specials classes here.


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