5 Reasons I Love The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership

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The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership

Hey, hey! Let’s talk all things membership today! I want to show you five of my favorite parts of the membership and why it’s such a valuable investment for yourself and your profession. Let’s jump right in!

Reason 1: Get the Training You Need

I can’t tell you how many professional development sessions I’ve sat through that don’t apply to what I do as a special education teacher and don’t provide the training I need. I walk away feeling like I’ve wasted time and money. That’s what makes TAH’s Professional Development Membership so great! Each month you will receive a set of training videos specifically for teachers, parents, and therapists like you!

This is not your average PD.

In fact, it’s the farthest thing from it. When you teach special education, the training you need is, well, special! The run-of-the-mill, everyday training other teachers benefit from won’t cut it for us. Sasha brings it all; covering topics such as data collection, what to do when something isn’t working, replacement behaviors, getting team buy in, running centers… you name it, she covers it! It’s everything you need to be successful. The videos are bite-sized, too. At 10-15 minutes each, you will always find the time to squeeze in the training you need. The best part? You can get your training anywhere you have internet access! Use your computer, your iPad or your phone with The Autism Helper’s app!

Reason 2: Train With Your Staff

With your training video access, you now have resources to train your staff! This is a game changer! Watch the videos together and train together so everyone is on the same page. At 10-15 minutes a video, you can easily squeeze in one a week! Make a weekly schedule and stick to it! My staff and I watch one every Wednesday before students arrive. I put it on the Promethean board so it’s easy for us all to see and discuss.

Reason 3. Alllll the Resources!

Sasha is beyond generous to her members. Each month you will receive a set of downloads that go with that month’s training videos, training topics, season or even some requested resources that are FREE TO DOWNLOAD. Yup. I said free. 

Member Exclusive Resources

Sasha & team create some amazing resources, and as a member you’ll have access to member exclusive resources! These fall task cards are some of my favorite, member exclusives! My students loved them! 

Reason 4: Membership Video Chats

Hear from the G.O.A.T., herself, Sasha! Once a month or so, members hop on a Zoom call with Sasha and have the opportunity to have her answer any questions you might have, brainstorm with you on issues you might struggle with, and talk about current issues and their impact on students and teachers. You get real strategies in real time. 


Reason 5: The Community

Our community at The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership is filled with like-minded professionals, parents, and staff, just like yourself. There is no drama; only helpful, insightful questions and responses. It’s a refreshing change from the typical water-cooler conversations. It’s a place where we learn and grow together.


The membership has groups for you to join, and we have one for everyone! From teaching life-skills to pre-school and everything in-between. A parent group, BCBA group and even an SLP group! My favorite group is our bookclub. Every quarter we pick a book to read and meet via Zoom once a month. It’s a treat to learn from so many amazing parents and teachers!

Go here for more information and details on joining the membership. Doors to the membership only open twice a year! It’s worth the investment for yourself and your profession!

Jen Koenig, B.S, M.Ed., LBS1
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