I’m always trying to make my data systems better and more efficient. I know. Overachiever. But why be happy with the status quo when you can amp it up and leave that crusty ole status quo out in the dumpster? The problem was my amazing and glorious one on one for one my tricky kids was slacking in the data department. Now – let me clarify. I love this woman. Love this woman sometimes little bit more than my husband. Her positive attitude, ability to think on her feat, and near perfection and implementing the behavior plan blows me away on a daily basis. But the data…

To her credit, the child she works with is very challenging so taking data on IEP goals is not always easy. It occurred to me that the system we had me be too much clunk and paperwork. I decided to compress and reorganize and make the data process as streamlined as possible!

The result is kind of beautiful – if I do say so myself. One page. One clipboard. Our trusty counter right on top. Done and done. There is enough space for each day for each IEP goal we are currently tracking and the behavior data all at the bottom.

The Autism Helper - Data Sheet

Here is a more filled out version:

The Autism Helper - Data Sheet

I like that I can “set it up” for her and get the dates ready and stimuli if need be. Staff Management Tip: This was a great, non-confrontational way of address the data taking issue. Since we are staring a new system, we got to re-do some training, review importance of data, etc. And the new data sheet was the excuse versus the lack of data we have been collecting lately. For all those confrontation avoiders like me 🙂

The Autism Helper - Data Sheet

What is that counter you ask? Only the best 2 bucks I’ve spent from amazon. You click each time a behavior occurs. It’s easy, discrete, and is perfect for high frequency behaviors. For this guy we are currently tracking screams and some days we are well over 50+. We click each time the scream happens and jot it down at the end of the day.

The Autism Helper - Data Sheet
Download this data sheet for free here: One Week Data Sheet. It’s a powerpoint so you can customize for your students’ goals 🙂

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