ABA 101: Common Terms & Lingo

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The Autism Helper

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Download the printable handouts of our ABA 101 Blog Series here: ABA 101 handouts.


  1. Please clarify the differences between access to tangible & automatic functions – the definitions above are the same

  2. Oops!!! Pregnancy brain! It is fixed in handouts now!

  3. […] ABA 101: Common Terms & Lingo […]

  4. I am filling a Target behavior assessment form. I need help to understand the instructional expectations and behavior expectations of the class in which behavior occurs.

  5. I would assume instructional expectations are the academic demands placed on a child (complete math work sheet, write journal, etc) and behavior expectations would be the expected behaviors (stays in chair, raises hand, etc.)

  6. Sasha, is there a spanish translation for this handout?


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