Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room {CHECKLIST}

Setting up a classroom is an overwhelming task whether you have been teaching for one year or eleven years. The dust, the furniture moving, the target dollar spot, the organization and reorganization, the to-do lists, the target dollar spot again… It’s never ending. And there are a million things to do. It’s easy forget important details and stay on track. If you are feeling like I just read your mind, I have the product to save you.

If you are checklist, to-do list loving’ kinda teacher – this is way up your alley. The Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room {CHECKLIST} is based on my last year’s summer series. This resource will get you organized and ready to manage a stellar autism classroom. Included in this set are 7 easy to use checklists that will guide your planning, structure, and instruction. Each checklist provides specific and detailed tasks and steps to be completed. Both new and veteran teachers will benefit from this efficient and systematic resource!

The Autism Helper

The Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room Include:

  • – Step 1: Organization & Planning
  • – Step 2: Structure
  • – Step 3: Schedules
  • – Step 4: Visuals
  • – Step 5: Data & Behavior
  • – Step 6: Work Tasks, Academic Work, & IEP Goals
  • – Step 7: Communication & Social Skills


 Check out the video product preview:


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