Paperwork Turning In System

We have a million things going through our brains during those pivotal first few moments your kids bombard your doorway. Check your schedules. Make sure Johnny doesn’t sit by Sarah. Tell Ms. Thomas library is canceled. Train Ms. Woods on the new data system. Remember to try new reinforcers with Evan. Where the heck is my coffee? And before you know if you have a handful of important parent papers shoved in your hand and you throw it to the side to get back to that never ending to do list in your head. 3 hours later – where in the world are those papers? I had a very bad habit of losing forms prior to setting this system up. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to call a parent to resign a form – you look like an idiot!  So anything that makes my morning routine simpler – sign me up!

Here is the powerpoint: turn it in pp    Here is the PDF: turn it in pdf

Here is how I made it:

  • Laminated the page after I typed in my students’ names. I included a free download for either a PDF (you can write in the names) or a powerpoint (if you are OCD like me and like everything typed – you can edit this by inserting a text box into each space).

  • Then I cut it out and got a plain file folder:

  • I taped it from the back onto the file folder (at the fold) and then cut it so it was even:












  • Then I tape each side to wall slightly uneven so the file folder pocket is considerably open.


Ta-da (of course tape a dry erase marker under it!):


Here is a quick video tutorial:


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