Assessment Tracking Sheet

A few days ago I shared some tips for staying organized in the start of the year. Guess what? We need to stay organized about our assessments as well. I know. Organization creeps in everywhere. Ridiculous. That sneaky little snake. But staying organized about your assessments, will make your life easier in the long run. I know I sound like a broken record. Organization makes life easier. Organization makes life easier. Make it your mantra. You work with students with autism. You have a freaken hard job. You don’t have any time for extra work.

With such a wide range of students, we typically have a wide range of assessments we need to do with our students. Check out this post on the beginning of the year assessments. My day is so varied that in one day last week I gave the Words Their Way spelling assessment to 9 of my kids and then an hour later I was work on the ABLLS assessing visual perception skills by building block towers. I sometimes forget when is the last time I gave an assessment and when I’m planning on giving it again. I included this form in my Must-Have Forms & Templates Packet (a massive, mega resource that has been selling like hotcakes ever since I posted it) and it has really saved my butt.

The Autism Helper

It was super speedy – I just jotted down which assessments gave, which students, and the date. Then we I go to do their IEP later in the year I can whip this bad boy out and now exactly what their most up to date assessments are. Happy assessing 🙂


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