ZAC Browser {free internet browser for children with autism}

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If you don’t use ZAC Browser yet – you are in for a real Monday treat! This incredibly awesome and FREE program is a web browser designed specifically for children with autism. I love the story behind it – it was developed by grandparents of a child with autism. So you know they knew how to make this great.


Why it’s so amazing (that I needn’t to bold this):

  1. Once you open it – you need to press Control L to exit. If you are like me and have some crazy clicking happy students and may or may not have lost unsaved work due to this issue – then you will appreciate this. Once you are using the program, it is difficult to exit. 
  2. There are links to literally every movie clip that my students’ love. Finding Nemo, Barney, Lion King – you name it – they probably have it. And it’s all short clips which is perfect. You know our kiddos love to watch clips on repeat!
  3.  There are also link to tons of our favorite online games. It takes you straight to the game and back so you don’t have to mess around on the internet to find it. This is great for my students who are less independent on the computer. 
  4. Links to online stories! Easy way to incorporate some literacy activities in an accessible way!
  5. I have had some students that prior to ZAC Browser showed zero  interest in the computer. The format and accessibility of this program enabled some of my more lower functioning students to use and enjoy the computer. This program has helped me encourage countless communication trials (you better believe my little nugget last year learned to very clearly say “I want computer” because of this!).
  6.  This program was started by grandparents of child with autism. Enough said. That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.
  7. It’s free. Did I say that already? I’ll say it again – free, free, FREE!
  8. There is now an iPad app for it 🙂

Have I convinced you yet? Here is the website:


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