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E-learning is no joke.

I’ve never been more tired or emotionally exhausted as a teacher. I’m working hard to bring relevant materials to my students meeting them (and their families) where they are at. Not everyone can use apps or websites, so for those students I’ve provided alternative activities. However, for those students who have access to internet and devices, here are the websites I’m using to help our e-learning quest!

Boom Learning

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and start using Boom Learning! The Autism Helper has you covered with awesome Boom Cards to use. Here are a few reasons I love Boom Learning:

  • Easy to set up your classroom (I have zero time to mess around with things that are hard to learn. Boom Learning makes it easy!)
  • Customizable for students at any level. Basic matching to complex math, there’s a Boom Learning set out there for you!
  • Easy to use reports that tell you exactly where your students are preforming.
  • Works seamlessly with Google Classroom and SeeSaw!
  • Maintains student privacy (completely FERPA compliant)
  • E-learning Perk: Boom Learning is offering free Ultimate Access through June 2020!



If you’ve read any of my blogs or followed my Instagram takeovers you’ll know that I LOVE SeeSaw and the communication it provides for teachers and parents. I often describe it as “instagram for the classroom”. SeeSaw has taken it a step further and offered Remote Learning opportunities for students so you can share everything on one platform (this is HUGE for me – I think we often overwhelm parents with log-ins, platforms, and websites to gather info). Here’s why I’m loving Remote Learning with SeeSaw:

  • Non-writers THRIVE when you upload a pdf and have them complete using their finger it with the built-in drawing tools. 
  • Upload ANY worksheet and it’s instantly interactive
  • Search the library of activities from other teachers to get lesson ideas!
  • Allows you to provide video content, links to websites, notes, and more for students to complete!
  • I can communicate with parents and share activities on ONE platform! Huge win. It’s intuitive, too, so very little to learn
  • Remote Learning Perk: Check out their 60 day free Premium access! This allows you to schedule content to be delivered to your students!

Telepeak ABA from Emergent Learning Academy

Figuring out how to offer ABA and DTT to my students has been a challenge. I know many of you are in the same boat. As a PEAK user, I was thrilled they were on the forefront of Tele-therapy for clinicians and teachers and are now offering online PEAK content to all PEAK users. Here’s why I love Telepeak:

  • Pick your content easily. If you are already using PEAK, it’s easy to choose programs that students are already working on and provide a continuation of care. 
  • Can be used via Zoom and screen share which allows data to be collected
  • Research based curriculum, and easy to use for students! 
  • Because stimulus is recorded, you can pause at any time and represent the stimulus if your student loses interest.
  • E-Learning Perk: The Direct Training Module is FREE and available now. The price-point on other modules is super reasonable, too!

As a primary teacher, I’m always on the lookout for website and tools that make learning and technology accessible for my students. While I LOVE Google Classroom for older students, it’s not a great fit for my students. I’ve found that this trio of Boom Learning, TelePeak and SeeSaw help me provide relevant, accessible content that works for my students. In this adventure of e-learning, meeting kids and families where they are at is the most important thing we can do. 

Jen Koenig, B.S, M.Ed., LBS1
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  1. Great suggestions Jen!!! And I’m on the BOOM card train with you!!! 🙂

  2. ahh I missed the seminar, could you please inform me if you are going to repeat it, thanks

  3. Hi there! Unfortunately, this live webinar is no longer being offering. We are currently offering a complete online behavior change course. Enrollment is open now until 4/19! https://theautismhelpercourses.com/


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