3 Things to Prep This Summer

Let’s Talk Summer Prep!

Summertime is precious! It’s my time to relax, travel, and enjoy easy-going days with my kids. While most of my summer is all about family and friend time, I do take a little bit to prep some things for my classroom. Here are my top 3 things to prep this summer!

1. Independent Work

I’m a HUGE proponent of independent work. In fact, I’ve written about how it saved my classroom. Independent work should be already mastered skills that students an do without direct assistance. What you use for independent work will totally depend on your students. For me, one of my favorite independent work tools are Easy Matching Weekly Workbooks! There’s a topic to engage every learner and they are easy to prep. You can punch holes and put them in a binder, use a binding machine or even binder rings to make them into books. Students never get bored because they get a new book every day. Looking for something a student can do next to you while you spend one on one time with another student? This is it! My students absolutely adore these. In fact, check out the video of one of my learners using the transportation edition books by making fire truck noises and ‘driving’ them to their velcro spots. Other independent work favorites: task cards and adapted books!

2: Homework

Homework can be a tricky decision for a teacher. If you decide to have homework for your students you need it to be easy to prep and consistent for your students. The Autism Helper’s Leveled Daily Homework does just that. For my younger learners, level 0.5 is absolutely perfect. It takes my students under 10 minutes to complete and it’s easy for parents to follow along with. You can read all about the different levels of Leveled Daily Homework and my homework mantra here. Our jobs are way too difficult to spend too much time planning and prepping homework. Resources like Leveled Homework can take a huge weight off by having everything ready to go. You can purchase the bundle (linked) or each level separately. It feels SO GOOD to have this checked off the list, done and copied for the entire school year… before the year even starts!


3. Staff Training Handbooks

This is just one of those things you weren’t prepared for in college. No one told you that you were going to manage other adults in your classroom (sometimes much older adults!). We believe that staff training is a huge part of classroom success. Why not take some time this summer to put together a plan on how you are going to train your staff? Maybe even add in everything you need to have a team mission statement and goals for the year! If you are part of The Autism Helper Membership be sure to check out the August/September resources (interested in the membership? Sign up for the waitlist! The membership reopens in September!!!)! I use both Paraprofessional Handbooks to make my staff handbooks. Having this ready sets the tone to other staff that training and teamwork is valued in your classroom. It’s a must-do for me every summer!


With just a little bit of work, you’ll have a head start on prepping for the fall. And bonus? Most of them can be done while watching Real Housewives! These simple, no-brainer preps will help make a smooth-running classroom! Happy Summer!

Jen Koenig, B.S, M.Ed., LBS1
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  1. Awesome books! I will love these for future students!

    • Happy to hear! Thanks for reading 🙂


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