3 Flexible Seating Options I’m Loving Right Now

Flexible seating is a useful classroom tool to ensure the movement and sensory needs of students are met.  I did a blog post last year of some of my favorite flexible seating options.  You can check out that post here.  I wanted to share a few new options I have discovered this school year.  I am loving these options right now because they are easy to integrate into the classroom!

Choose to Move Chair

This chair is so fantastic, I cannot stop talking about it!  I love that it looks like a typical classroom chair, which makes it easy to integrate into a variety of settings.  There is a spring mechanism under the seat that can be turned on and off.  When it is turned on, the child is able to shift weight and move in the seat.  When it is turned off, the chair functions like a typical chair.  It comes in different sizes, so is appropriate for a wide variety of ages.  Check it out here!

Rocking Chair

I love that this rocking chair has such a sleek design.  It fits in seamlessly in a classroom.  I have many students who are using this at their tables/desks in the classroom.  It also comes in different sizes so it can be used for a wide range of students.  Linear movement is calming for many students, and a rocking chair is a very appropriate way to get that movement while in school.  I have always struggled to find a great rocking chair that can be used in the classroom, but I think I found my go-to option!  Check it out here.

Portable Lap Desk

This is such a fun option for my older students who are working with their laptops.  This allows them to spread out and work on the floor.  It is not the best option for someone who fidgets quite a bit, because when they lift their bottom off the seat, the top part tends to shift forward and the laptop is at risk of falling off the table.  However, if your student is just looking for a change of position, this is an excellent option.  Check it out here.  

Check out a few of these flexible seating options in action!


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