Say it to a Snowman {free reciprocal language game}

This is one of my favorite games because of the utterly hilarious comments that this game evokes! I’m talking facebook status worthy funny. This game Say it to a Snowman! – works on conversation skills in a fun and interactive way! So often we focus on teaching our students to ask and answer questions but that only does not equal conversation skills. We need to teach commenting, asking following up questions, empathy statements, and staying on topic.

This game is used to work on reciprocal language skills. Students with autism struggle with conversation skills. The combination of language deficits and social skills challenges make having a meaningful conversation very difficult for some of our kiddos!  In this game students will read the quote from the snowman and have to respond appropriately using commenting, empathy statements, and follow up questions!

There are a variety of types of statements so students will need to differentiate when to use each type of response. This game can be used as a social script – students can read the quote to another student to answer. Or this game can be used one on one with a student. The written script provides a structured setup to practice these difficult skills.

Types of statements include:

I love that scarf. example appropriate response: “Thanks! I got it as a present.”

I am so annoyed with my brother! example appropriate response: “Oh no. What happened? Why are you made at your brother?”

I’m so hungry! example appropriate response: “Me too. I hope lunch is soon.”

That is the best movie. Do you like it? example appropriate response: “Yea I like it too. What is your favorite part?”

Students will work on answering questions, commenting, responding with empathy, and asking follow up questions. These are the essential skills that keep a conversation going! Download for free on TPT. Enjoy! If you download this freebie please leave me some feedback love 🙂


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