2013-2014 Visual Monthly Calendars

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How often do you use your calendar on your phone? I don’t know about you but mine is always one of the last opened apps. I am constantly checking to see when things are scheduled (or countdown the days to the weekend…). Calendars are JUST as important to our students. But our job is to make sure that we are providing them with a calendar that they understand. Students with autism will benefit from visuals and a straightforward structure.

Changes to their schedule can be extremely difficult for children with autism. An effective strategy to ease these difficulties is using schedules and calendars can help warn of impending changes. This packet includes simple and easy to understand visual calendars for August 2013 – July 2014. The calendar contains visual and text alerts for holidays and other special events. Weekends are indicate by a “no school” picture.”

The Autism Helper - Calendars

Don’t worry. I know you will want to edit this bad boy. Add class birthdays, special events, and school specific days off. This packet contains both a PDF version as well as an editable version on powerpoint. Included are directions of how to edit the powerpoint to add your individual touches 🙂

The Autism Helper - Calendars The Autism Helper - Calendars

I store these in my students’ schedule binders and we refer back to them as we need (usually whenever we talk about upcoming events). These have honestly lead to my students understanding of days of the week and the passage of time! Check it out on TpT.
The Autism Helper - Calendars

Check out the video product preview of the 2013-2014 Visual Monthly Calendars.


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