I just found a new Valentine’s Book to use with my students this week!  The book is The 12 Days of Valentine’s and it’s by Jenna Lettice.  I created some visuals to pair with the book along with visual questions.  If you are interested in a Free copy click link – The 12 Days of Valentine’s

The book is similar to the 12 Days of Christmas.  It starts on the “first day of Valentine’s” and keeps repeating the previous day’s item(s).  “One the first day of Valentine’s what sweet thing did I see….a warm, fuzzy hug”.  Then I had my student find the picture of the hug and place it in the book.   We counted “one fuzzy hug”.

“One the second day of Valentine’s what sweet thing did I see…two cups of sparkles”.  I pointed to the cups of sparkles on the page and my students and I counted “one, two”.  Then I have a student find the picture of the sparkles and attach it in the book.

I continued on this way throughout the book.  We counted the number of Valentine items on each page and worked on answering “how many” and other “wh” questions throughout the book.  “How many pink pens?” and “what color are the pens?”  The pictures in this book are great.

We again would say all the items over again.  “Five candy hearts, four purple ribbons, three pink pens, two cups of sparkles, and a fuzzy hug for me.”  I actually sometimes flipped back through the pages to review all those concepts after each new day.

Lots of great adjectives, verbs, and holiday vocabulary terms to model for your students.  Some concepts may be new for your student like “sewing”.

After we finished reading the book, I had my students answer the questions.  I would read the first question and all three answer choices.  If the student knew the answer he/she could color/circle the answers.  Then I would go onto the second question.

With some of my group I had to use the book to help answer each question.  I would show them the page again and review that day’s item.  For example, “six chocolates melting”.  What did you see on the 6th day….necklace, donuts, chocolates?”

I changed the level of prompting depending on my students’ skill level for that group.  My students all enjoyed the book.  Hope you can use this resource.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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