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The end of the year is coming up fast. December has been freaking flying by! The new year is a time for reflection, celebration, and looking ahead. I saw this linky party hosted by Miss Kindergarten and thought this was VERY fitting for this time of year. It’s called 12 in 12 and I think it is a super fun way to reflect on how amazing 2012 was 🙂 Feel free to link up to or let me know what some of your favs of 2012 were!


So 12 favorite things!
 12. Favorite movie you watched: Hunger games. Is that embarrassing? I really liked it!
11. Favorite TV series: HOMELAND! I feel like I have already talked about how obsessed with this show I am  – but allow me to do it again! It’s amazeballs.
10. Favorite restaurant: The best restaurant that I tried this year was WAY back in February. It was one of those perfect nights that even months later I still remember what I ate. Chicago does a restaurant week that has discounted prefixed menus at all of the top restaurants. It’s an awesome way to try great restaurants without having to fork over half of your paycheck. My boyfriend and I went to David Burke’s Primehouse during this week and everything about this meal was the bomb. To make it even better – it was after one of those days. You all know the days I am talking about. I needed more than one of these:
9. Favorite new thing you tried: blogging! Can you tell I’m obsessed? Can you tell I love talking about things I am obsessed about? And my lovely ole’ job is one of those things. I could just talk for days (… if you read my blog you probably know this…). I have to tell you all – every comment, email, and post I get literally makes my day. So thank you 🙂
8. Favorite gift you got: I haven’t even gotten it yet … because it’s coming for Christmas… hehe. Santa slipped up and told me! But there is a pretty glorious charcoal grey Tory Burch clutch that will be waiting for me under the Christmas tree this year.
7. Favorite thing you pinned: I don’t have a source for this but this lil idea…
… saved me many a useless moment digging around for my iphone charger!
6. Favorite blog post: That’s a hard one! I think my favorite is my classroom photos and video tour post:
It was my first foray into Picasa (ahhhhh – amazing and life changing!) and my first video tutorial! It was a little scary to put my hot and sweaty self (my classroom was 100 degrees and not air conditioned) out there 🙂
5. Best accomplishment: Getting my thesis for grad school approved by the school district I worked in. Everyone told me not to bother even applying because it is impossible to approved. Well I showed.them. Ha. Now I can use students in my school for my study’s participants! WOOHOO!
4. Favorite picture: with my love 🙂 My little cousin Nora – we had a fun summer of weddings, family trips, and beach days together this summer!
3. Favorite memory: My happiest moment of 2012 was going to Michigan in August with my boyfriend. We do it every summer – go for a long weekend and stay at my aunt’s beautiful weekend home. We literally do nothing. Beach, nap, cook, bike rides, day time cocktails – it’s beyond relaxing. Ugh. Can I go there now?
2. Goal for 2013: Get my masters in Applied Behavior Analysis. I am one class and one thesis away from that degree. Still a lot of work but so close I can almost taste. And it tastes good…
1. One Little Word: lucky 🙂
2012 has been amazing and I am excited for what 2013 has in store for me. I have a great family, awesome friends, and I truly love my job. It’s good to have that realization sometimes. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in life’s little stressors 🙂


  1. And you started blogging THIS YEAR?! Wow – that’s awesome. You are a rock star at this for sure!! How do you do it?! 🙂 Well, I love your blog. Thanks so much for blogging and sharing your ideas with us all!

    Brie @ Breezy Special Ed

  2. Thanks SO much Brie 🙂


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