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This sentence may make me sound like a complete nut job – but the summer it the perfect time to work on some task boxes. Mix yourself a big pitcher of lemonade (or margaritas? hey it is summer!), throw on the netflix, open the windows and relax with a little work task box making. It is my firm belief you can never have too many work box tasks. And although it may be tempting to 110% check out this summer – you will thank yourself for getting a few tasks made. This will be the make or break component in having a successful fall. Work boxes are essential because you have GOT to keep those kiddos busy and working while you are doing other things like – dealing with new behaviors, teaching new students the routine, showing students how to follow their schedule, training staff … you know, just those minor things on your to do list.

I have loads of resources for Work Task Box Ideas & will share some brand spankin’ new ones here too. First off, be sure to check out my Pinterest Board – Word Tasks:

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.48.58 AM


Also check out my 40 Work Task Mega Pack. This resource does all of the heavy lifting for ya. It gives you a shopping list (dollar store approved), instructions for setups, and all necessary visuals for 40 awesome work tasks.

Work Tasks - The Autism Helper


Check out these posts:

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.51.57 AM


Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.53.09 AM


Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.54.02 AM


Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.54.54 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.56.17 AM

Check out these newbie ideas from my classroom & the classrooms of some other amazing teachers:


  1. Your “40 Work Tasks Mega Kit” were the first thing I ever ordered as a first year teacher. It has hands-down been the biggest hit in my classroom.

  2. Hi Sasha, I enjoyed your video and purchased your 40 work task kit. THANKS for all of the great ideas and sharing the visuals. Do you have a place to purchase the number labels and task cards. Also, what is on your system clipboard and preferred way to rotate tasks. I assume it is individualized but know you must have a well thought out scheme.
    Thanks for the inspiration. I am an old teacher, but setting into my third year at middle school life skills and am so excited to implement these in a more organized system. I have been using a 3 tray system which requires lots of set up and baskets. This looks so delightful!

  3. Sasha, Love all of your task box ideas. I have read a lot, and prepared even more
    this summer. I bought several of your items, including your 40 work task kit. I have the same question as above … how to remember what is in every box, who can do what boxes, and what ones have they done already. I remember seeing a pic of your clipboard somewhere, but can not find it. Thanks!


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