I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season!  I know most of us are probably still on break and not even thinking about work but I thought I would just give a quick overview of the Winter Adapted Books I made and some craft ideas to pair with each book for this upcoming season.  I know sometimes having time off is a good opportunity to prep or make a few new materials while we have a little extra time.  I can sit inside my warm house and print and laminate some new products for my students so I’m prepared for the long January month without any breaks!  This set of Winter Adapted Books includes “I Spy Arctic Animals”, “What is the Snowman Wearing?”, and “Where are the Children Sledding”.   Last year I paired each book with a different craft related to the book and it turned out great for all my therapy sessions.

I Spy Arctic Animals” is a fun book to work on learning different winter animals and their features.  There are no visual clues to help the student choose the correct animal.  The students have to listen to the description and identify the correct animal to match that description.  

Some of the animals may be unfamiliar to the students so it always a good way to learn new vocabulary terms and concepts.  You can change the level of prompting depending on your students.  You can always reduce the answer choice to 2 answers or provide another verbal description to help identify the correct animal.

After we read the book we made penguins!  To learn more about how to make this craft and target different language skills click the link – Arctic Animal Fun!


What is the Snowman Wearing?” focuses on identifying both different colors and winter clothing items.  The students have to find the correct color and winter clothing item for each snowman.  

This book also works great to use with students working on “s-blends”.  The students can practice saying “s-blends” while reading each page.  “A pink scarf on the snowman” 

I paired this book with a snowman craft to work on following direction, request, and some fine motor skills.  To learn more about how to set up this book and craft pair click the following link – Snowman Fun!

Finally, “Where are the Children Sledding?, targets following directions, answering where questions, and using he/she pronouns.  The students really have to focus to visually discriminate between all the different children.  

Some of the children are used twice during the book and others just one time.  The students can practice using the correct he/she pronouns as they tell you “where” the person is located.

What is more perfect than a sledding craft for this book?!!!  Have the students make colorful sleds out of Popsicle sticks.  This can get a little messy but my students always enjoy painting and making a mess!  Click the link to see how to set up this book and craft – Sledding Fun!

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