“Where is the Jack-O-Lantern” is the final book I included in the October adapted book series.  The series includes “Scarecrow, Scarecrow What Do You See?, “What’s Scaring You” and “Where is the Jack-O-Lantern?”

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“Where is the Jack-O-Lantern?” targets the prepositional concepts “above, below, next to, and on”.  To set up the book I placed a hard piece of Velco above, below, next to, and on each Halloween item on every page.  If there is only 1 piece of Velcro on each page than the student is just going to place the Jack-O-Lantern on the Velcro and it doesn’t identify his/her understanding of the prepositional concept.  I added soft Velcro to the back of all the Jack-O-Lantern pieces and stored them on the grid page.  As usual I attached the grid page to the right side of the last page in the book.

I used different Jack-O-Lantern on every page because I wanted to make it a little more challenging for my students.  I wanted the students to find the matching Jack-O-Lantern on each page.

Jack O Lantern Book Jack O Lantern Book 2

I pointed to each square as I read the book.  I really focused on modeling those prepositional concepts.  I tried to have my verbal students provide the correct prepositional concepts to identify “where” the Jack-O-Lantern is.  For my non-verbal students I had them either touch the correct prepositional term on the core board or use their voice output device.

After we finished reading the book we made our OWN Jack-O-Lanterns!

This is a great craft to work on following directions, sequencing, modeling action verbs, and turn-taking with peers.  The Jack-O-Lantern paint consists of equal parts of glue, shaving cream, and then a few drops of yellow and red food coloring. Then I used foam pieces to make the Jack-O-Lantern’s face.  I use the paint/glue mixture for lots of different crafts.  It seems to work well for making different items for Holidays and the kids like helping make the gooey mixture.  I set up the activity by lining up the 3 ingredients and modeling the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd concepts…1st -glue, 2nd-shaving cream, and 3rd-food coloring.

Pumpkin Craft Set Up

I have the kids help me by saying “Ready….Set….Pour!” for the glue as we pour it on a paper plate.  Then the kids take turns shaking the shaving cream before we add it to the mix….”shake, shake, shake“.  After you add the shaving cream and glue have the kids count out equal drops of red and yellow food color to add to the mix.

Pumpkin Craft Glue 2 Pumpkin Craft Shaving Cream Pumpkin Craft Food Coloring

We pass the mixture around and take turns stirring the mixture…”stir, stir, stir“.  The kids love watching the mixture turn ORANGE!

Pumpkin Craft Stiring Pumpkin Craft Stiring 2

I gave each of my students a piece of paper with a big oval on the paper.  I had the kids trace the oval in Orange because I try to incorporate some of those fine motor skills into the session….I often co-treat with the OT so we like to target lots of different goals.  When the students finish tracing the oval they can start using a paint brush and spreading around the gooey paint mixture inside the oval.  The direction are to stay INSIDE the OVAL.

Pumpkin Craft Painting 2 Pumpkin Craft Painting

After the oval is filled in I had the students create silly faces with different shaped foam pieces.  You can either have the students follow directions to make a specific face such as “find 1 blue circle and 1 red circle for the eyes”.  If the students create his/her own face I ask follow up questions to make sure they know the colors and shapes of their Jack-O-Lanterns Face.  Check out how awesome these are!!!!

Happy Halloween!

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