Where are the Children Sledding? is the final book in the Winter Adapted Book Series I created for this season.  Where are the Children Sledding? focusing on following directions, using he/she pronouns, and identifying different locations.  To set the book up place a piece of hard Velcro on all three different locations on each page.  Add soft Velcro to the back of all the children pieces, add a piece of hard Velco in each grid box, and store the children pieces on the grid page.

Sedding Book Set Up

Before I start reading the book I have the students count all the children on the grid page.  We even identify the children who look the same and who are different.  We look at some of the children’s features and describe them.  For example, “she is wearing a hat” or “he has brown hair”.  For some of my students with devices or core boards, I might just ask a few “yes/no” questions about the children for them to answer.  Such as “is he wearing a hat?” and wait for my student to answer the question with his/her AAC system.

Sledding Book Counting

The students have to visually discriminate between all the children to find the one that matches for that page.  The student needs to place that child on the correct location.

The Occupational Therapist and I like to co-treat for some of our students when it is appropriate.  We often co-treat for our preschool groups and some of our older students who need more support depending on the students’ goals and skill levels.  My OT thought of this craft to pair with our sledding book which worked out perfect for our therapy groups.  Making the sleds was a great way to target color concepts, number concepts, following directions, and requesting items.  First I showed the students the example and we named each color we needed for the sleds.  Then we even lined up the paint colors in the correct order.  We counted how many colors we needed.

Sledding Craft Set Up

First have the student request Popsicle sticks.  They need 5 Popsicle sticks to start.  Then request the different color paints and painting utensils for each stick.

After you paint each stick a different color you are ready to put them together!  Place another Popsicle stick at the bottom, spread glue on the stick, and then line up all 5 different colored Popsicle sticks.  Finally add some more glue on the colored sticks and place another stick on top.  Let the sleds dry.

After the sleds dry you can tie a ribbon on the top.  These are fun and easy!

Sledding Craft Final

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