In speech therapy this week, I read the book “What is the Turkey Wearing” and did a Turkey Craft with my students.  My students thought the turkeys were really funny with all the different color clothing they were wearing.  “What is the Turkey Wearing?” focuses on both color concepts and different clothing items.  For this book, the students have to find the correct turkey to match the given description.  To set the book up I placed a piece of hard Velcro on each questions mark on every page.  Then I put soft Velcro on the back of all the turkeys and cut them out.  I store the turkeys on the grid page which I attached to the right side of the last book page.

Turkey Wearing Set up

I started out the session by having the students count all the turkeys on the grid page.  I also had the students look at the turkeys and we talked about the different colors and clothing items the turkeys are wearing to familiarize/review the different color concepts and clothing vocabulary terms.

Wearing Cover Page

I pointed to each word box along the top of the page as I read “What is the turkey wearing?”  If my student had an AAC device or a core board, I often pointed to the “what?” question word on the device or board after I touched the “what” word box on the book.  Depending on my students’ level and expressive skills, I had some of my students read the book.  For some of my students, the students pointed to each box and was able to read the word in each box.  For other students, I read most of the word boxes but stopped at the color and clothing words and tried to have my students identify what color and what clothing item before I told them.  If my student was still learning color concepts, I said the correct color term and had the student repeat it because I didn’t want the student to just guess randomly.  I would rather state the correct color and have the student repeat me or just model the color term for that page multiple times for the student.

I also asked my students various questions about the turkeys on each page such as “what color was the turkey’s hat?” or “what clothing was the turkey wearing?”  We also counted down the turkeys to review number concepts…“how many turkeys are left?”  This gave the student multiple opportunities to practice counting.  I have some students using a Nova Chat 7 device and it worked out great for those students to find the correct color term and clothing item on the device.  Both of these concepts were readily available so we could navigate the device to find them.  The clothing items are fringe vocabulary but most voice output devices have these common clothing items programmed on them and are easy to find.  For students using core boards the students can just point to the correct color picture and the “on” icon such as “red on”.  You can also ask yes/no questions and have the student point to the correct yes/no icon on the board.

Turkey Wearing AAC 1 Turkey Wearing AAC 2

Dancing Turkeys!

After we finished reading the book we made “dancing turkeys”.  Craft activities are great to work on following directions, requesting items, action verbs, and vocabulary terms.  This was a fun turkey to make with the kids.  I started off by having the students request a “brown circle” for the body and then the “brown head”.  The student glued the head on the body.  Next the students added “2 ovals” for the wings.  Each turkey needed 3 feathers – Red, Orange, and Yellow.  See this is great for shape and number concepts!


The students glued the feathers “on top” of the body.  We added 2 eyes, 1 orange beak, and 1 red gobbler to the turkey’s face.  Finally, we attached 2 long orange legs to the turkey.  I had the legs already bent because it can be hard for my students to bend the paper back and forth but it might be a good fine motor task for some of your students.  After the students added the 2 legs the “Dancing Turkey” was done!  My students had so much fun with this.

First we read a book with turkeys wearing silly clothing and then we made dancing turkeys…..it was a good therapy day!

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