The final and I think most challenging book in my set of category adapted books is “What is the Category?”  Just for a quick reminder the set of category adapted books includes What Category Do You See?, I Spy Categories, and What Is The Category?      

For this last book in the series, “What is the Category?” the student has to identify what category a given item belongs.  The category names are only written and do not have that added visual support.  This book is great for students who can read and understand the concept of categories.  You can attach the grid page with all 30 category names to the last page in the book so it easily folds out to use while using the book.

Each page has 3 items for the student to figure out the correct category for a total of 30 categories targeted in this book.  This gives the students lots of practice!  The student needs to select the correct category and place it in the box.

I also tried to make the categories more challenging.  For example, instead of just clothes the student has to determine if it is summer clothing or winter clothing.

Instead of just food the student needs to determine if it is a fruit, vegetable, breakfast food, or dessert.

For student using AAC devices, the student can find the category name on their device.

You can also work on your students expanding their utterances either verbally or using their AAC device.  I always have students working on this goal so after the student names the item I have him/her tell me the category in which the item belongs.  For example, “hot chocolate is a hot drink” or “a penguin is a zoo animal”.  Lots of opportunity to work on expanding those utterances and using more descriptive concepts.

This book would also be good for a student to use at an independent work station.  After the student completes the book you can check to make sure the student got all the category names correct.

If you are interested in this set of books you can find them on TPT with the link – Category Adapted Book Series 

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