As a child, my parents say I was always a “two cookie” kinda girl. If I had a cookie in one hand, I needed one for the other. It make sense. If you have something great – it’s always better to have more. And although that philosophy has not always been so great for my scale or my wallet it’s stellar when it comes to classroom resources. When you have something awesome – make an version of it. And so I give you Visual Math Activities Level 2. Level 1 was such a hit I couldn’t help myself but get together a more complex version that focus on numbers 10-20.

This packet contains a wide range of visual and engaging math activities to work on basic, foundational skills. These activities are structured, repetitive, and visual which will help students with autism access these math tasks.

These activities work on counting, number identification, more/less, bigger/small, and number sequencing. These foundational skills need to be strong and fluent before moving on to more complicated subjects!

This packet contains:
– 10 visual counting activities
– 5 “more than” activities
– 5 “less than” activities
– 5 “bigger than” activities
– 5 “smaller than” activities
– 5 biggest number identification
– 5 smallest number identification
– 10 match number to group activities
– 10 count and circle the correct number activities
– 10 number number sequencing activities
– 9 number number identification activities

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