My students love to do something that you wouldn’t typically guess when it comes to a group of children with autism. My students love to pretend! Love it. Find it hilarious and it always proves for almost unending entertainment. When you think about autism – you typically think of the difficulty to see beyond the concrete, the challenges with the abstract, and struggles to make inferences. You wouldn’t guess that when checking out my kids’ pretending skills. The key here is to really practice, practice, practice. With anything our students need multiple opportunities to excel and ‘try it on’ as I like to think of it. They need to see you model the correct behavior and get the chance to try it themselves. It’s a process but the result is worth it.

Why is it important to know how to pretend?

The skill of pretending is important because it leads to role playing (which can be used for SO many things), increased cognition, increased vocabulary, and improved social skills!

These Move it Or Lose it Visual Act-It-Out Cards are one of our most fun classroom resources. Incorporating movement and pretending into your classroom routine can help improve attention and behavior enabling your students to be more engaged leaner. Plus it’s just freaken hilarious. Pretending to brush your teeth, be robot, or laugh like Santa is pretty much the bomb.com. #forrealthough

This resource is a set 48 visual cue cards for different pretend actions that can be done within the classroom. The cue cards are circles and be easily mounted on a popsicle stick for use. A ‘cheat sheet’ with a description of all pretend movements is included as well.

Perfect for the end of that year restlessness!

Let’s face it. Everyone is squirming in their seat at the end of the year. Get your kids moving and having fun! These are great for the playground, gym class, social skill groups, or just a fun movement break!

Check out the video preview of this resource:

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