Vibrating Sensory Pillow

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This product was created by a mom whose son could not sit still for anything from a meal to a story due to his special need. She became frustrated with the lack of options available, and decided to make an alternative that was portable and fun! I love supporting resources that were created by parents or caregivers. They know what the autism community needs and these resources are tailored to fit their children’s needs. 

The Senseez is a vibrating pillow that is designed to provide sensory input in a wide range of ways. This pillow can be sat honor squeezed to released a vibrating sensation. Many children with autism react positively to this type of sensory experience and it can have a calming or soothing effect.


I didn’t have anyone on my caseload who had this specific type of sensory need so passed it off to my OT friend because I knew she would have the perfect kiddo for this product! I just got some great reports back that she has been utilizing this sensory seat with an in-home therapy client who is 4 years old and struggles to staying seating during tasks. She said that her client loves this resource and using PECS to request sitting on it! Love when communication can get intertwined! Check out their website:


And their YouTube Video:


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