I’m continuing my Fruit and Veggie theme for therapy this week.  The more practice for my students the better!  Knowing which items are fruits and which are vegetables is a hard concept.  This week we read the adapted book I Spy Veggies” which is included in my series of adapted books about fruits and vegetables.  The series includes “I Spy Fruit”, “I Spy Vegetables”, and a combo book “I Spy Fruit and Vegetables”.

For the “I Spy Veggie” book, my students had to select the correct vegetable to match the given color description.  Some of the vegetable terms are new for my students.  I will read this book again or have my teachers use it with my students again this week to review these concepts.

If my student is having difficulty finding the correct vegetable to match the given description I narrow the answer choices.  For example, “I spy with my little eyes a green vegetable”.  If the student is having difficulty knowing which item is a “green vegetable” I eliminate the grapes and see if the student can determine the answer from the three remaining pictures.

When my student selects the correct vegetable picture and places it in the book I review the vegetable name and that it is a vegetable.  On the orange vegetable page after the student finds the carrot I might say “carrot is a vegetable”.  I might have the student say both “carrot” and “vegetable” as I point to the carrot picture.

My student with AAC devices can find the vegetable on their device.  This helps them practicing selecting the correct categories to get to the vegetable page and then select the correct vegetable to match the vegetable in the book.

I have two Free follow-up activities to go with my vegetable theme.  The first one is a Vegetable Identification Board.  I shared about the Fruit Identification board last week when we worked on fruit concepts so this week I used the Vegetable Board which was included in the set of three boards.

It is just an easy go to follow-up activity to use with my students.  It works on following directions, turn taking, color identification, and expanding utterances.  If you didn’t get the link last week here it is again – Fruit and Vegetable Identification Boards.  The set includes 3 boards – a fruit board, vegetable board, and fruit and veggie combo board.

I still fold over the page and go line by line for some of my students.  While others can use the whole board.  Just adapt the board to your students’ level.

The other Free activity is a Vegetable Counting activity.  I created a fruit and vegetable counting activity but I used the vegetable counting activity this week.

To set up this activity I just glued both vegetable counting pages in a file folder and laminated the folder.  I put hard Velcro in all the boxes.  Then I attached soft velco on the back of the cut out number pieces and attached them along the bottom of each page for storage.

For this activity, I worked on reviewing those vegetable terms, answering “how many” questions, along with answering other “wh” questions about the vegetables.  Such as “what color is the broccoli?”, “what animal likes carrots?” or “where do potatoes grow?”  You can give them a choice of answers so for “where do potatoes grow?”…. “in the tree” or “in the ground”.  We talked about where different vegetables grow and how they taste.

If you are interested in a free copy of these counting pages click the link – Fruit and Vegetable Counting

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