Working on those “I” and “me” pronouns with your students….check out these new Using I or Me Grammar Cards.  I always find using different activities and lots of practice helps work on teaching different grammar skills.  The set contains 72 cards which provides for multiple examples.  I always like providing a large set of task cards for each skill because you can use them more than once and your students don’t just memorize a small set of cards.

The student needs to determine if they need to use the “I” or “me” pronoun form to correctly complete the sentence.  If your student can read have him/her read the card and provide the correct pronoun form in the sentence.  If not you can read the sentence to your students and have him/her determine which pronoun to use.

These are great to use while playing a game or completing an activity.  Have your student complete a set number of cards such as 2-4 cards and then he/she gets to take a turn in a motivating game.

I also wrote the pronouns “I” and “me” on index cards and had the student sort the cards into the correct pile.  After you read the sentence have the student determine where to place the card.

This is also a good option for your limited verbal students.  He or she might have the skill level to work on this grammar skill but present with difficulty verbally saying the pronouns.  They can also select “I” or “me” pronoun on their AAC devices.

You can check out these cards on TPT with the link – I or Me Grammar Cards    

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