Social stories are an effective intervention to use for a variety of behaviors including social skills. Each story describes a situation and then scripts the appropriate response. I love that social stories tell my students what to do as opposed to what not to do. For social skills instruction that is especially important. It provides a nice structure and visual support for modeling and discussion of specific social concepts. 

Read on a regular basis.

Since social skills are utilized so frequently throughout the day, review the story regularly. I liked incorporating a social story into a student’s daily binder, direct instruction time, or even in morning meeting. Have the student read the story or read it with them. Make a plan for the day regarding that social skill goal. Point out specific times during the day that the student can use that skill. Model how he can use the skill in those times. This is a nice way to get your day started in the right way and clarify daily goals/expectations. 

Pick one goal to focus on.

It can be tempting to overload here. Print a whole bunch of social stories. Review the whole stack every day. But that is likely to be overwhelming. Social stories need to be utilized and taught. They aren’t magic wands. Just because you printed and laminated a whole bunch doesn’t mean they need to be used right away and at the same time. So just like we target one skill at a time, do the same thing with social stories. Pick one specific skill to focus in on. If you are working on commenting, add in the commenting social story. Use these as a tool to support your instruction. 

Visual Social Story Packet for Children with Autism: Communication Set 1

– I Don’t Interrupt
– Asking Politely
– Commenting 
– Good Listener

Visual Social Story Packet for Children with Autism: Communication Set 2

– Answering the Phone 
– Ask to Play
– When People Don’t Respond
– Staying on Topic

Visual Social Story Packet for Children with Autism: Friendship Set

– It’s Okay Not to Win
– Standing Up for Your Friend
– Saying Sorry
– Sharing with Your Friends

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