The final book in the set of books I have shared about these last couple weeks by Emma Garcia is Tip Tip Dig Dig which is all about construction vehicles.

I also created some visual pictures to pair with the book as you read it with your students.  Again, I just placed a piece of hard Velcro in the book to go along with each of the pictures I created.  Laminate, cut out, and place soft Velcro on the back of all the pictures so the students can attach the pictures into the book as you read it.

The students like to help me say what each vehicle does.  We say “dig, dig, dig” as we point to the digger.  Again, you can limit the visual field to 2 pictures and have your student select the digger picture and place it in the book.

I think the pictures in this book are so cute.  We say “mix, mix, mix” as we find the mixer truck picture and attach it into the book.

The book goes through 6 different construction vehicles and then it tells what each vehicle does.  For example, “the tipper truck tips the sand” and “the crane lifts the wood”.  The students can find the different pictures to match up with what each vehicle does and attach them into the book.

You can also ask questions and use descriptive concepts when talking about these vocabulary terms.  For example, “Is the concrete hard or soft?”  “What color is the concrete?”  “Can you eat concrete?”  Lots of ways to elicit language.

At the end of the story the construction vehicles had made an adventure playground!

As a follow-up activity for this book you can use my Vehicle Identification Board.  Have the students work on following directions as they find the different vehicles and color the vehicle the correct color.  You can work on following 1-2 step directions and requesting the different color crayons needed.

You can change the level of prompting the students need depending on their level.  You can go line by line if your students need and provide simple 1-step direction.

Other students may be able to follow multi-step directions while looking at all 12 vehicles pictures on the board.  The students can also work on requesting the different color crayons/markers they need to color each vehicle.  You can also ask the students questions about what color to use for the different vehicles.  For example “what color do you want the fire truck?”

I also created an “I Spy Vehicles” adapted book which pairs well with the theme.  The student has to select the correct vehicle from a visual choice of 3 pictures which matches the given description.

You can change the level of prompting depending on your student’s skill level.  You can reduce the visual field to 2 pictures for some of you students.  You can also work on having your student find the vehicle on their AAC devices after they attach the correct vehicle into the book.  Lots of good opportunity to ask “wh” questions while reading this book….“What color is the tractor?”  “Who rides on the tractor?”  “Where do you drive the tractor?”

If you are interested in the free book visuals click the link – Tip Tip Dig Dig Book Visuals

The “I Spy Vehicles” book is on TPT with the link – “I Spy – Vehicles”

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