Before the joys of TpT and creating resources entered my life (which I can barely even remember!) worksheet websites were one my biggest pet peeves. These websites drove me nuts because there weren’t enough worksheets on each concept and I wanted worksheets that focused specifically on certain concepts. My kiddos weren’t ready to do time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour yet – there were still just working on time to the hour. That was frustrating. Also my guys need hands on activities not just worksheets. What was born of all of this annoyance – the mega pack.

The mega pack is life saver for my teaching. It has loads of worksheets each with different concepts. The worksheets build on difficulty and skill. Plus there are tons of interactive resources included. Everything in one place. Print and go. Done and phew. I have a Money Mega Pack, Time Mega Pack, Measurement Mega Pack, and Graphing Mega Pack. Today let’s check out everything in my Time Mega Pack!


The Time Mega Pack is loaded with everything and anything you need for teaching the ultra important and functional skill of telling time. Before you check off this skill as being outdated because everyone uses digital clocks – think about all of the locations that analog clocks exist – schools, libraries, post offices, stores, restaurants – all places are kiddos are! They need to know how to tell time on analog clocks in order to increase functional independence!

These visual anchor charts are used constantly by my kiddos!

clock rules


75 Leveled Worksheets are in this mega pack! There are a variety of types of worksheets included and activities are organized by time to the hour, half hour, five minutes, and mixed – all types intermixed.




The 3 different bingo games are key! All of my kiddos can play bingo no matter what level they are on!




I have, Who has? Time Game is my favorite because it targets social skills, attention, and peer interaction while working on telling time!

Check out the video tutorial for every page of this Time Mega Pack!


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