There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! is a perfect book to read at this time of the year.  Print out this free handout of There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! book pictures, sequencing pictures, visual question sheet, and written question sheet to use with your students. Download here: There was an Old Lady – Snow

Cold Lady Book and Pictures

Print, laminate, and cut the book pictures.  I use the smaller book pictures as I read the story.  I add a piece of soft velcro to the book pictures and a piece of hard velcro onto the book page next to each item the cold lady swallows.  I laminate and add hard velcro to the blank picture board to store all the book pictures.  This makes it easy to find all the book pictures!

Cold Lady Book Set Up

When I start the book, I have the students identify “who” the story is about and attach the “cold lady” picture to the cover of the book.  As I read the book, I have my students find the correct picture to match what the old lady swallows and attached it to the Velcro in the book.  You could also use a board with a strip of Velcro on it to line up the pictures of what the cold lady swallows if you don’t want to add Velcro pieces into your book.  First, the old lady swallows some snow.  Have the student find the snow picture from a visual field of 2 or more pictures depending on his/her level and attach the snow picture in the book or onto a board with a strip of Velcro.  Second, the old lady swallows a daisy so the student finds the daisy picture and attaches it in the book.  Continue this throughout the book to identify all 6 items the lady swallows and what she makes at the end of the book.


I take the larger book pictures I laminated to work on sequencing skills.  After the story is finished, have the kids retell the story identifying what the cold lady swallowed first, second, third, etc….  For some of my students I give them a visual field of 2 pictures to determine what the cold lady swallowed.  For example, I hold up the snow and hat pictures and ask “what did the cold lady swallow first?”.  We line up all 6 pictures in the correct order and practice re-telling the story using the visuals.

Snow Book Sequencing 2


You can also complete the visual questions or written questions that go with the book as you read the book or after you finish the story depending on the student’s ability.  The visual questions work well for my non-verbal students because they point to or circle the correct answer on the sheet.

Snow Book Worksheet

Snowman Craft

Make a snowman just like the one in the book!  I worked on the concepts big, medium, and small for this activity.  I had 3 different size circle and I modeled the size concepts.  I had the students work on identifying and naming the different size circles before they cut them.

Have the students build the snowman by adding all the different items the cold lady swallowed.  This is great to review those vocabulary terms and work on the students requesting the needed items to complete the task.  Work on those number concepts and count out all the needed items -2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 arm, 1 scarf, 3 buttons, and 1 hat to complete the snowman.  For one of my students I have a laminated core board for him to use and I wrote the numbers 1-5 in dry erase marker along the top and had him point to the number of items he need for each part of the snowman.  So for eyes he had to touch the 2 and then I counted out 2 eyes for his snowman.

Look how cute the snowmen are!!!!


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