This month is so busy and chaotic that I decided the best theme for our blog posts in December was to just do a little filling in of the cracks. This month let’s focus on those frequently asked questions. Those little burning questions that you think for sure you are the only teacher wondering about but I absolutely promise you – you aren’t. If you have a question, likely someone else has that very same question. I did a few all calls for questions last month and got an overflow of great ideas. I had to narrow them down but I promise I will get to them all eventually! Feel free to send in your questions or comment here on with an additional questions and I’ll make sure to squeeze them in.

Be sure to check out the FAQ page. It’s sneakily hidden on the very top right but has a few quick answers to someone of my most asked questions like How do I train my paras? and Where do I even start? Sometimes it just helps to know that you aren’t the only one with that question or even hear the same answer that you were thinking in your head. This job can be really isolating so half the battle is mental and knowing that you aren’t crazy for even having these questions. (Check out this post for more info on that)

I also like to translate FAQ into most-read, most-pinned, most-commented on posts. Here are some of my tops that may be of interest to you:

Happy December! 🙂

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