I had fun this month making different Thanksgiving Treats with my students.  I picked different recipes depending on my students’ skills, students’ interest, and if I was using the recipe in small groups or whole class activity.  Here are a few different ideas I did with my students over the past couple weeks.  You know how much I love cooking during speech!

Rice Krispie Turkeys!

Here are the ingredients you need (and a tube of frosting to help the candy corn stick).

Rice Krispie Turkey Ingredients 2

First, I had the students make the Rice Krispie treats according to the recipe on the box.  I did this activity with some of my higher functioning students so I didn’t create an additional recipe but had the students find the recipe on the box and use it.  Then we problem solved the additional steps to make the turkeys.  I spayed butter spay on the students hands which make it so much easier and less messy rolling out the Rice Krispie balls.  Then each student opened an Oreo cookie and placed the Rice Krispie ball on the side of the Oreo without frosting.  Attach the frosting Oreo side to the back of the turkey (it just stays better with the frosting).  The students added additional frosting on the back and attached candy corns for feathers.  We used some frosting to attach one candy corn on the front for the beak.  I think they turned out pretty good!

Rice Krispie Turkeys Finished

Harvest Trail Mix!

I created both a visual and written recipe with questions for Harvest Trail Mix.  Here are the ingredients needed for this recipe.  Harvest Trail Mix Ingredients

This is a great recipe to use with big groups because there are lots of ingredients to add into the mix.  First, I had the students name and count all the ingredients needed.  We took turns completing each step of the recipe.  For students using AAC systems, you can have the student use the “my turn” symbol when it is his/her turn to pour in the ingredient.  I also modeled those sequential terms throughout the activity.  “First, add 2 cups of pretzels into the bowl”.  Then I asked my students “what did we put in the bowl first?”  It is great to line up the ingredients as you put them in the bowl.  Eight is a lot of ingredients to remember but if you have the visual support you can work on those sequential concepts.

This was a great snack for our Holiday Celebration!

Harvest Trail Mix Finished plates

Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing!

Here are some other ideas you can have your students make for Thanksgiving.  The box mixes of mashed potatoes and stuffing do not require many ingredients and the directions are easy to follow (plus you can make it in the microwave!).  I often do these recipes with my higher functioning students and have them find the recipe on the box and figure out how to make it.  This is a great activity to work on problem solving skills.  I try to have the students work together within the group and figure out what needs to get done and who in the group is going to do each step.

Mashed Potatoes Indgredients Stuffing Ingredients

Enjoy the cooking and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah The Speech Helper

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