The month of October flew by with all sorts of fun Fall and Halloween activities for the students and I can’t believe it’s already November and time to start thinking about Thanksgiving!  I created another set of adapted books to use this month about Turkeys.  The series includes “Where is the Turkey?”, “What is the Turkey Wearing?”, and “Turkey, Turkey What Do You Smell?”  I thought these would be fun books to use this month with my students in therapy.

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“Where is the Turkey?” targets the prepositional concepts “above”, “below”, “next to”, and “on”.  I used these same prepositional concepts last month in another adapted book and found my students really need to continue working on these prepositional concepts so I used them again for this book.  The book also include different Fall vocabulary terms to model for the students.

“What is the Turkey Wearing” focuses on both color concepts and different clothing items.  For this book the students have to find the correct turkey to match the given description.  The students have to identify both the correct color and clothing item.  For example, “orange shorts on the turkey”.  I know my students are going to think this book is so funny with the turkeys wearing different outfits!

Finally, “Turkey, Turkey What Do You Smell?” focuses on the students identifying different Thanksgiving food items the Turkey smells.  I wanted to use a different verb besides “see” for this book which is why I used “smell”.  For this book, I will talk about how we smell so many different scents with our noses.  I also created this book because I’m going to do some Thanksgiving cooking activities with my students this month and I wanted to familiarize my students with the different Thanksgiving food vocabulary terms before we make some of those food items.  I will have more about how to pair this book with some different Thanksgiving recipes in the upcoming weeks as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

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