This month we’ve chatted about all kinds of ways to incorporate academics into your independent work systems. I love use sorts, file folder activities, and adapted books in my independent work systems. Another go-to resource for this area are task cards. Task cards are literally the most versatile tool ever and they are stupid easy to prep. I love task cards in all of my teacher run centers for those last few minutes before you rotate centers. I love them for group work. I love them for centers. They have so many uses! #functional #efficient #blogginginhashtags. 

For using task cards as independent work I either have students:

Use a dry erase marker to circle the correct response. 

Use a clothes pin to select the correct response.

Copy the answers down on a separate sheet of paper.

I love the variety of ways I can incorporate this into an independent work center and the super wide range of skills I can include. Also, for your learners who are pros at memorizing, this activity is always changing! You can switch up the cards you give, the order, and the way they are working with the cards! 

Sarah and I love to store all the task cards in this photo bin system

Check out all of our task cards: 

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