Build up your students’ vocabulary skills with these – Synonym and Antonyms Vocabulary Boards.  Vocabulary is so important to work on with our students.  After you have taught the concept of “synonym are word that are the same” and “antonyms are words that are different” these vocabulary boards are perfect to practice that concept.  This set of vocabulary boards contains 48 synonym boards and 48 antonym boards.

The students need to determine the correct synonym or antonym given a choice of 3 answers.  The students can use paperclips, dry erase markers, or verbally tell you the answer for each board.  These card are great to use during small group instruction or independent work time.

During group instruction you can give the students a card and have him/her identify the correct answer for that card.  This would be good to do if the students still may need help identifying the correct choice or are still learning the concepts of synonyms and antonyms.  You can help provide the appropriate amount of cueing to help the student identify the correct answer.

Sometimes I have each student answer a card or two and then get to roll the dice and move along on a board game.  Other times I might have the students in the group each complete a set number of cards such as 5-6 cards and then I let the students play a short game.  I often use the game Pop Up Pirate, Ants in the Pants, or Jumping Monkeys for a short break.  That allows you to do so many cards, take a short break to play the game, and then do another round of cards.

You can also have the students complete some cards during independent work time and then you can check the vocabulary boards.  The student can use a dry erase marker or clothes pin to mark the correct answer on the grammar board.  After they complete a set number of cards you can check them or for higher functioning students you can have them check a peer’s cards or you can check them as a group.

Each set of Vocabulary boards fits into one of the containers in my organizational system.


I have a couple more sets of grammar and vocabulary cards I need to finish making to fill up my first storage bin!  These containers have been perfect to store my cards.  Once it’s full I’ll share how I set it up and organized it.  I just found this organization system on Amazon.

If you are interested in these Synonym and Antonym Boards check them out on TPT – Synonym and Antonym Vocabulary Boards.

I found the storage box which hold 16 containers on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/IRIS-Large-Photo-Keeper-Set/dp/B003KWH8OQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1488647551&sr=8-2&keywords=iris+photo+keeper


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