I have gotten a ton of emails lately about the first week of school. I can almost hear the nervousness through carefully worded questions. Let’s just admit it – it’s scary. Actually – it’s super freaken scary. Vaguely terrifying actually. First year teacher or not – those start of the year jitters never really go away. So let’s talk about how to not only get through the first week of school but make it worth it. Let’s go beyond just getting through it. Let the first week set you up for a successful year. The first week will lay the foundation for a great year. Trust me – it’s much harder to come back from a weak and shakey first week. So put on your big girl pants. Buy some ice cream and wine just in case it goes badly and you need a drown-your-sorrows dinner. Gather up all your energy, ideas, plans, and binders. And most importantly – don’t forget your coffee.


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It’s go time people. This is not a drill. Back to school season is here!

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