For your tech savvy students, I love the Socrative App for quick and thorough data collection and assessment. It’s easy to use on the teacher end, easy for students to navigate, and you can quickly gather a lot of data on the same skill for multiple students. Plus it’s ridiculously impressive looking so definitely pull this one out for your next observation. I love this for a Friday review, for pre/post tests, for reading comprehension, and to assess a range of language arts based concepts.

First up – you are going to want to download the Socrative Teacher App on your iPad (or you can login online) and then download the Socrative Student App on your students’ iPads. On the teacher app or website, you will create the quiz. On the student app, they will take the quiz. I love that it keeps separate and straightforward.

Create a quiz for your classroom. Anything language arts, science, or social studies works really well here. You can have multiple choice, true/false, or short answer questions. Creating the quiz is really easy and there isn’t too many options which is great in my opinion.

After you create the quiz (be sure to name it), click Launch Quiz when you are ready to give it to your group. Select the quiz you will be launching and sit back and watch those results come in real-time! I like to shuffle the questions and not provide instant feedback (i.e. students are told right away if their answers are correct or incorrect). I have had some students who get really down when they get answers wrong – so I don’t want that to effect their performance on the following questions.

Students will open up the quiz on their Student App. The student display is really simple. They don’t need a special login in which I like.

I love seeing all the ways this app breaks down the results. You can get a percentage, simple plus/minus, and see individual answers. When you have groups working on the same concepts – I love how you can see any trends in responding. This really helps us as teachers see any areas of our instruction that have been lacking.

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