When two things that you love come together – something truly wonderful can happen. And no I’m not giving a PG rated “where do babies from talk” – I am talking about a really great mash up. Like the cronut, brunch, or taco pizza (if you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out…). It’s that perfect combination of two things you love like croissants and doughnuts coming together to bring you something new and even more amazing. I’ve got your new favorite mash-up right here: Social Story Adapted Books. 

You all know my immense love for adapted books and my library just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now I also love a good social story. And then I thought – what if we put these two great resources together? 

 I wanted a way to take social stories to the next level and provide my students with a way to practice and engage with different social and behavioral issues. This set – Communication Skills: Social Story Adapted Books – is perfect to really delve into a structured discussion and practice different conversation related skills. There are so many ways to utilize these books and they target a wide range of essential social skills that many of our kids need practice on! 

This first set is based on my popular Visual Social Story Packet for Children with Autism: Communication Set 1. This resource works on different communication and social skills. Four adapted books are included in this resource:

  •  I Don’t Interrupt
  • Asking Politely
  • Commenting
  • Good Listener

Each page of the book provides a multiple choice response with moveable pieces. This allows your students to work on discriminating appropriate responses versus inappropriate responses. It lets your students expand beyond just reading what to and not to and let’s them get involved.

Social stories are a successful way to increase positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors! This resource combines two effective strategies – social stories and adapted books! These books are interactive, engaging, and visually-based! They provide response options for appropriate behaviors so students can demonstrate their understanding of each concept.

If you love these communication skill social story adapted books, be  sure to also check out our behavior edition social story adapted books! The Behavior Books work on being frustrated, being jealous, dealing with loud noises, and going to time out. I hope you love these as much as I do! 

Sasha Long
Sasha Long

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